SCRUBTEC 130 E is an interesting choice for small shops, schools, restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations, bakeries, fast food chains, hotels, cleaning companies etc., and also in-home cleaning.

It is a small upright scrubber dryer, designed for cleaning of mainly hard surface floors, but can also clean small carpet areas, remove spots, etc. with an optional kit including carpet squeegees. By adding the optional kit, the machine gets ready for spot cleaning of carpets, cleaning of entrée carpets or small areas of textile flooring.

Using the SCRUBTEC 130 E is easy – even when space is limited – thanks to its small size and two-handed ergonomic handle. By lowering the handle, you can scrub and dry under furniture, shelves, etc. and it takes just two push buttons to control the machine comfortably.

Scrubbing and drying are done in one pass, so this machine will dramatically increase productivity. The scrubbing is carried out with a high-performance 31 cm cylindrical brush or a microfiber roll.

It is possible for up to 15 minutes continuously cleaning thanks to the 3 liter water/detergent tank and the 4 liter recovery tank. And due to its light weight and compact design, the machine can easily be carried and transported to several locations during the day.

    • Easy to use, low weight, easy to carry
    • Flexible for both hard floors and small carpets (Option)
    • Ergonomic two handed operation
    • Easy maintenance
    • Removable tank in tank system (Carry in one hand)
    • Detachable cord 10 m
    • Transparent solution tank for solution level control
    • Simple on/off main switch (also solution pump can be turned off


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