GU 355 Dual – Upright Carpet Vacuum 2 Motors

Quick, quiet and efficient


The GU series of uprights is designed to clean quickly, quietly and efficiently. With high-grade filtration and a HEPA filter option on all models, these upright vacuums secure a good indoor air quality.

They can be used for offices and hotels as well as in hospitals, nursing homes and elderly-care facilities.

Easy to use, easy to handle, and built to withstand the inevitable knocks of everyday use, the new Nilfisk GU series takes upright vacuuming to a new level of efficiency.

    • Flat to the floor design for cleaning under furniture
    • Built in extension hose and tube for cleaning hard to reach areas
    • Excellent filtration system, HEPA available for all variants
    • Adjustable brush height to suit all floor surfaces
    • Easy to change dust bag


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