SPINTEC 551 UH is a 1500 RPM belt driven handy and easy to use floor polishing machine. Due to low noise level, it is ideally suited for daytime cleaning inpublic areas. The foldable handle eases transportation and can be in operation within few seconds.

We have improved ergonomics in handling, balance and transportation, thus adding special features like: ergonomic handle with soft grip, cable hook, plug holder, trip fuse to protect motor and avoid blowing network fuses, longer cable (15 m), built-in pad holder, common accessories and improved serviceability. Safety button, dead man switch, high visibility orange cable put the SPINTEC 551 UH at the edge of safety. The soft grip, closed handles with correctly placed safety switch and the dead man switch guarantee that the machine is always safe and under operator control. The soft start system ensures comfortable operation. The 15 meter cable and practical cable holder make it easy to get started and the adjustable handle, big wheels and low sound level add to the ergonomics, easy handling, operation and transportation. Metal frame, big wheels and bumpers, gloss paint, all merged together in modern design give evidence to the robustness, durability and easy cleaning of the machine. Silent operation and easy maintenance make the SPINTEC 551 UH a complete and worry free machine.

    • Extra features: plug holder, big wheels, easy cable replacement, ergonomic handle
    • Rugged tube and frame resistant to knocks and bumps without breaking
    • Long life with a minimum of service costs
    • Cable hook, where the cable can be easily wound up on the machine
    • Rubber bumper protects obstacles and machine from damages
    • Quiet operation and long life
    • Easy to operate


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