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We understand that productivity is what matters to you.


Making the most of your cleaning has two important requirements. the ability to deploy high quality cleaning machines is a critical step. But having easy and quick access to professional service is another key factor in running your operations smoothly, predicatably, and with maximum uptime. That is why we are highly committed to delivering our Service Solutions to you.

Nilfisk-ALTO Service Solutions are not your fast and reliabel back-up in the event of a breakdown. They are your guarantee of top professional maintenance visits from our trained technicians that are present all over the word. You can rest assured that your machines will run at their best throughout their lifetime- and keep your business performing at its outmost.

Quality service

  • The Nilfisk-ALTO brands, owned by Nilfisk-Advance A/S, has manufactured quality cleaning equipment and delivered professional service since 1906
  • Nilfisk-ALTO Service Solutions technicians are continuously educated-and deveoted-to maintain and repair machines, and always ready to help you
  • Our technicians only use original equipment manufacturer spare parts, fixing problems quickly and durably for maximized uptime
  • In 2013, more than 75,000 professional customers trusted Nilfisk-ALTO to manage their equipment’s service requirements

Service Solutions built to fit your demands

We are committed to living up to our customer’s requirements-which is why our service contracts are put together to fit specific, and different, needs. In order ot craft our solution just right, we asked more than 1,500 of our professional customers around the world how service adds value to their daily operations.

we have developed our Service Solutions based on that feedback, and we are ready to help our select service contract that suit you.

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