OZONE 1 – Ozone / Air Cleaner


The Nilfisk OZ 1 cleans air by ozone that pierces the cell wall of bacteria and virus microorganisms on contact, destroying them, thus eliminating all organic-based odours.

Tobacco smoke, kitchen smells and toilet odours are everyday hazards that businesses face. Whether it is in the office, restaurant, hotel room, taxi or bus, hospital or elderly-care home, bad odours make life unpleasant for workers and visitors alike. The Nilfisk OZ 1 is a professionally designed air cleaner that effectively removes odours, it doesn’t merely mask them!

  • Compact, lightweight and virtually maintenance free
  • Effective for everyday odour removal & fire restoration
  • Effective for areas up to 1200 m³
  • Ozone is the strongest oxidant commercially available, and a proven deodorizer
  • Destroying the molecules that cause odours


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