Mulch and rotary mower 1000 2150


The mulch and rotary mower 1000 is made to maintain the good looks of narrow grass paths. It is quick, sturdy and efficient when it cuts and recuts the grass and blows the fine clippings down into the lawn as compost. The cutting width is as wide as the machine – which, due to its articulated build, is extremely manoeuvrable and able to get around almost anywhere.

The mulch mower always leaves a beautifully smooth and groomed lawn behind. If you remove the inner screens, it is turned into an omnivorous rotary mower that runs 12-13 km an hour (if the terrain allows) and is able to manage long, tough and wet grass. As a rotary mower it can be combined with the Park Ranger 2150 grass collector so that it picks up the grass clippings in the same procedure as it cuts the grass.

Quick shift of attachments 
With the Park Ranger 2150 the changeover from one attachment to another is done in less than 4 minutes – no tools required!


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