DULEVO 5000 – Truck Sweeper


A manoeuvrable, affordable and reliable sweeper

The Dulevo 5000 road sweeper combines manoeuvrability, affordability and reliabilityoffering truly superior sweeping quality.

If you are looking for a sweeper which guarantees total control over fine particles, maximum productivity and low maintenance costs, the Dulevo 5000 is bound to suit all your requirements.

A sweeper designed for road and industrial cleaning

The Dulevo 5000 road sweeper has been designed to sweep both urban and industrial areas, such as cement works, construction companies, grocery markets, ports and airports, guaranteeing ecological and efficient operation in all settings.

For indoor and outdoor areas, wet and dry operation

The Dulevo 5000 is suitable for use in indoor and outdoor areas, wet and dry operation.

Compact, silent, comfortable, attractive and easy to drive, the Dulevo 5000 has set a new standard in terms of driving comfort, thanks to state-of-the-art technologies for cabin noise reduction.

A filter which eliminates fine particles

The Dulevo 5000 road sweeper can be fitted with an exclusive GORE® filter, the best solution on the market for the elimination of fine particles.
Super resistant, 100% cleaning, 99% elimination of PM10 particles, in compliance with EPA and EURO regulations, the Dulevo 5000 road sweeper is the world’s best machine for fine particle control.


Four-wheel, synchronised and hydraulic steering makes this road sweeper highly manoeuvrable, even in the most complex situations.


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